Campaign Settings

Campaign Settings

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Campaign Settings
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Basic Tab

Campaign Information Section

Campaign Name
The name must be unique, and not used elsewhere in the system
Campaign Type
Currently, only email-type campaigns are supported
Campaign Source
Specify the Source Type (Lists or Views/Reports), and choose a List. View, or Report in the next field.

Sender Information Section

Sender Email Address
If you are sending to a large group, the email address entered here will more than likely get flooded with return email. Thus you should create a special email address that will handle all email returns for this and other campaigns.
Sender Name
Optionally, change the Sender Name (the Sender Name is populated automatically)
Tip: Provide a sender name your customer will recognize

Email Contents Section

Email Template
Optionally, select a template from the Email Template dropdown list. See Email Templates for advice on how to create an email template.
Email Language
Optionally, select a language.
Email Subject
This is the Subject that will be displayed to recipients of the campaign.
Editor Type
The options are WYSIWYG HTML Editor, Raw HTML Text Editor, Plain Text.
Email Body
  • Create the body of the campaign message in this section:
  • For the HTML choices, enter the HTML text and then enter the Plain Text equivalent.
  • For the Plain Text choice, enter the message in plain text.
Learn more: Plain Text Option for Campaigns
  • To add an image to the body of the message, click the Image icon to open the Image Library
Optionally, add an attachment to the email message.
The file lookup window displays files in the Documents object that are marked as publicly available (Publicly Available Documents)
Template Fields
Use the lookup tool to find and format Template Fields. Select a Category from the list and then lookup a Field you want to include in the message.
Learn More: Template Variables

Callback Options Tab

In this tab, you can choose to automatically add follow-up tasks under specified conditions.

Add Follow-up Task when
Choose from: Email is Opened, Email Links are Clicked, Email is Opened and Clicked, Never
Callback Owner
Choose from: Record Owner, Campaign Owner, Specific Owner
Delete Follow-up after (Days)
Number of days before the callback is removed.

Scheduling Tab

Use this tab to setup a campaign schedule; After a successful test, scheduled campaigns will be added to the job queue on the scheduled date and time

Start Date
Set start date for the campaign
Local Start Time
Set the start time for the campaign

About the Plain Text Option for Campaigns

Some email recipients choose to accept only messages formatted in plain text as a security measure. When an email message is sent with HTML formatting to a Text-Only account, all the HTML formatting (including formatted font styles, HTML or graphic images) are stripped out, and only the plain text version of the message is included.

This plain text option will appear when creating or editing email messages using the WYSIWYG or Raw Text editor.

To create a plain text version of a campaign or email message:

  1. Navigate to the message in Campaigns
  2. Copy the message and paste it into the provided text field
    • The Text Description of the message must be more than 50 characters in length
    • The opt-out link (unsubscribe) message is automatically included, as it is with HTML formatted messages
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