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These pages give you the information you need to develop sophisticated applications for the platform:


Developer Suite - Marketing overview. See what the platform is capable of.
Application Architecture - See how an application works.
Development Experience - Working with the platform to build an app.
Ontology pages - Get familiar with platform terminology and the relationships among the underlying concepts.
GUI Ontology - Get an overview of how you work with the GUI, from a developer's perspective.
REST API CheatSheet - Read the description column to get a sense of the things you can do with the platform.


Reference:   [Built-in Objects]   [CRM Objects]
See Also: [Custom Objects]   [Composite Objects]


Java: [APIs]   [javadocs]   [constants]   [cheatsheet]
REST: [APIs]   [conventions]   [considerations]   [cheatsheet]
  [error codes]   [samples]
SQL: [SQL Browser]   [SQL Syntax]   [SQL Functions]   [REST]   [Java]
Web: [JavaScript]   [jQuery] & [JSON]   [AJAX and REST]   [JavaScript Functions and Variables]


IDs: [Object ID]     [View ID]     [Record ID]     [Document ID]     [Document Link]


Developers Guide Additional Resources   Downloads
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