Developer Privileges

Developer Privileges

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Developer Privileges
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Tip: Think of the LongJump Platform as an office building. Each tenant in the building is a company, or division of a company. Developer privileges are enabled at the tenant level. If anyone in the company has developer privileges, then everyone has. It is therefore good practice to have two "divisions" for the company, if your company is using the application you're developing. That way, the development division can work on the next version of the application. When it is tested and deemed ready for use, it can be exported and transferred to the production division.

To enable developer privileges for a tenant:

  1. Log in as a System Administrator.
  2. In the navigation pane, under Workspace, click Tenants.
    A list of tenants appears.
  3. Click the document icon next to the name of the tenant you want to modify.
    A content pane appears.
  4. In the content pane, scroll down to the Quick Links section.
  5. Click Manage Tenant Capabilities
  6. Make sure that the tenant has the privileges needed by developers.
    Learn more: Setting up a Development Environment
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