Integrating with SalesForce

Integrating with SalesForce

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Integrating with SalesForce
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Display a Platform Element in a SalesForce Tab

Platform elements all have Short URLs. Those URLs, accessed using the "figure-8" icon File:CopyShortURL.png at the top of the page, can then be displayed within a SalesForce tab.

Some elements you might want to display include:

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Custom Pages
  • In the User object, create a new field named sf_username.
    (You can change the field label to be anything you want, but it must have that name.)
  • For each user who will take advantage of this capability, enter their SalesForce user name into that field.
    (Typically, it is their email address, but it may not be.)
Before starting

To add a platform element to a SalesForce tab:

  1. In SalesForce, go to Setup
  2. Open the Create section, and got to "Tabs".
  3. In the Web Tab section of that page, add or edit a tab.
  4. Go to the last part of that process (Step 3), where you specify a URL.
  5. Copy the following URL:{!API.Session_ID}&serverurl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_240}&cid=__Your Tenant ID__&done=__URL of Platform Page to Display__
  6. Substitute the values you obtained in the Setup steps (tenant ID and the URL of the page you want to display) for __Your Tenant ID__ and __URL of Platform Page to Display__
{!API.Session_ID} and !API.Partner_Server_URL_240 are SalesForce variables. Values are substituted for them when SalesForce executes the URL
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