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Settings > Personal Setup > My Email-to-LongJump


About this Feature

Once External Email Tracking is enabled by the admin, this feature is enabled for all users. Depending on how it has been configured, it will let you either:

  • Update Contact records with activity information by sending emails, or
  • Do custom processing of emails, as determined by the configuration.

Enable your Personal "Email-To-{domain}" Address

Complete this one-time setup to begin sending emails:

  1. Click Settings > Personal Setup > My Email-to-
  2. The "Email-To-{platform} Details" section gives you the address you will use to send messages; Copy it for future use.
  3. Specify the addresses that you will be sending from, separated by commas. (To ensure that only emails you send are processed, any messages coming from other addresses are ignored.) For example, <youraccountname>, <youraccountname>, etc.

Testing Contact Updates

If your instance of the platform has been configured to allow activity-updates for Contacts, follow these instructions to test that the setup is correct:

Send an email message to yourself and create a task in your account:

  1. Copy your unique "Email-To-" address from the My Email-to-LongJump Settings page. For example:
  2. Continue with one of these options: BCC or TO:

BCC: Option

  1. Open an email client
  2. Enter the email address of a Contact in the TO: field
  3. Enter your "Email To" address in the BCC: field
  4. Send the message

The platform receives the email, looks for all the matching Contacts present in the TO: field and CC: field of the email, and attaches a completed activity that contains the message.

TO: Option

  1. Open an email client
  2. Open a message and select the option to Forward the message
  3. Enter your "Email-To-" address in the TO: field

The platform searches for the email address in the first FROM: clause in the message text, and will create a completed activity of this communication for the matching Contact in the platform.


  • When multiple contacts are present with the same email address, then only one activity will be created for each Contact.
  • No Match? If no match is found, the platform will then open a task or create a completed task, depending on the default selected by the system administrator.
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