Proxy Login as this User

Proxy Login as this User

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Proxy Login as this User
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As an administrator responsible for a number of Users, it is often convenient to diagnose user issues by logging in via proxy. With this login, you gain full access to all actions available to the user. (Each action performed during a Proxy Login is audited and logged.)


Users that have the Proxy Login Access permission can Login as another user to troubleshoot problems that may arise in a user's account 

When a Proxy Login is initiated, a dialog box opens to remind the user that a record of these actions will be created. The user can opt to continue or cancel the action.

To execute a proxy login
  1. Click Settings > Administration > Users
  2. Select a user
    If your role has the capability to do a proxy login, the [Proxy Login] button is visible.
  3. Click the [Proxy Login] button.
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  4. Click [OK]
  5. If this is a first-time login, you may need to answer a Security Question
    • The name of the user will appear on the screen, in place of your username
  6. Perform any necessary troubleshooting activities


Note: You can only login-by-proxy as a member of your team or one of its subteams, as specified by the Permissions Hierarchy restrictions.

To close a proxy login session
  1. Click the Switch Back link
  2. Confirm that your login name appears on the screen, which indicates that you have successfully closed the Proxy Login session
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