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Record Identifier

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Record Identifier
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Designer > Objects > {object} > [Record Locators] > Record Identifier Fields

A Record Identifier (also known as a "record name") consists of one or more fields that are displayed when a record has been selected. (When multiple fields are specified, their values are separated by hyphens and displayed as the value of a Lookup field.)

About Record Identifiers

Ideally, a Record Identifier unique label that distinguishes one record from another (although it need not be). These labels can be seen in Views and Records. If the App Center is not enabled, then the record_id field is the only field used for a Record Identifier. Otherwise:

When a new object is created, the first three fields defined in the object are used to form the default Record Identifier. The Record Identifier can be changed at any time.


Tip: To ensure that the record identifier is unique, use it to define a Unique Key Index.


In this example, the Customer object specifies the customer_name field as the Record Identifier. When the customer has been selected in a Lookup, the customer_name field is displayed to indicate which record was chosen.


Eligible Record Identifier Fields

In general, fields that are available for use as record identifiers resolve to a single alphanumeric value of moderate size.

One Lookup field may be specified.

These fields cannot be used:

  • File
  • Image
  • Text Area
  • Custom Control
  • Url
  • Rich Text Area
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