Workspace Preference

Workspace Preference

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Workspace Preference
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Workspace > All Items > [Personalize Workspace Settings]
Settings > Personal Setup > Workspace Preference > [Edit]

Every application in the platform includes objects and other platform elements, such as Web Tabs. You can choose to make some of those elements visible in your Workspace sidebar, whenever you launch that application.


Note: These settings override the default Workspace Display Order specified in the application settings.

To change the list of items that are visible by default:

  1. Select an Application
  2. Select items in the Hidden or Visible column
  • To select multiple elements from a list that are not adjacent, press and hold the CTRL key and click each element individually (CTRL-click)
  • To select a series of adjacent elements, click an element at the beginning of a series, press and hold the SHIFT key, then click the last element in the series (SHIFT-click)


  1. Click the arrow buttons between the boxes to move your selections from one column to the other.
  2. Use the up- and down- Arrow Buttons to change the order in which visible tabs are displayed
  3. Click [Save]
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